​   ​​The New England Consortium  on Deafblindness  (NEC)

                                                       A Deafblind Community of Practice

                              Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont

As Part of NEC's mission to provide information dissemination and technical assistance to families, NECDP will launch its anual survey to each of the four states, and to all of the service providers and families that have children registered with the consortium.

This survey determines what services we will target in the coming year in the the community. It is really important that you take a minute and complete a survey for each child you have registered with us.

Parent Survey

Please complete this survey  to help us better serve your child. Please return via mail, or email. You can locate our mailing and email address here.

A [PARENT RELEASE] is needed annually as well (for parents only).

Teacher/ Service Provider Survey

Teacher or service providers please complete this survey for each child you are working with in order to receive the services that best suit that child.Please return via mail, or email. You can locate our mailing and email address here.


If you would like to receive the [NEWSLETTER] or be part of the survey process and are in one of the four states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire or Connecticut just email us at NEC@Perkins.org to be added to the mailing list.

What do we do with your info?

The New England Consortium of Deafblind Projects never releases names or addresses of it's list ever. All mailings you receive through us will be strictly for training's, a Calendar of Events Page , our newsletter or announcements such as alerts from your state that we feel are important to make you aware of. The majority of our mail is information regarding vision and hearing and training related to deafblindness and vision/hearing loss.

Removal from Mail List

At anytime you wish to no longer receive a mailing please email us at  NEC@Perkins.org and type REMOVE ME in the subject line. You may also send your request via snail mail to


175 North Beacon Street,

Watertown, MA 02472.