​   ​​The New England Consortium  on Deafblindness  (NEC)

                                                       A Deafblind Community of Practice

                              Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont

NEC is our Regional Office located in Massachusetts, with projects in four states:

Family Day

Offered in all states, these events bring families together at select locations typically bi-annually for a day of fun.

NEC sponsored events may include a trip to the apple orchard, a farm, a day at the park, or winter sports.

A list of events can be found on out Calender of Events page, or in our NEC newsletters. Events are planned for registered families, to focus on family needs, deafblind specific curriculum, and networking with families within their state.

Outings are determined by survey responses by registered parents.

Family Weekends

Offered in all four states, these weekends bring families together. NEC sponsored Family Weekends are 3 days including presentations by select speakers, a full daily educational curriculum, and nightly fun and dancing. Family Weekends happen once every 3-5 years- watch the NEC newsletter for the next event in the New England area.


Deafblind specific training's  are given by specially selected presenters and include the topics of Vision, Hearing, Communication, Transition, Deafblindness, Portfolios, Ect...

These training's are listed on the Calender of Events page.


Conducted annually, click here for a link of active webinars, or to access our older archives in the archive section.

Family Phone Network

Conference calls are FREE and FUN once a month calls. Hosted at night, facilitated by various speakers. NEC creates a list of conference calls in the summer months for the following year, based on the results of the parent survey.

The National Family Association for Deafblind- NFADB

 NFADB is the largest national nonprofit organization serving the deaf-blind community. Your family will be connected to other families, information and resources. For more information, click here.

​National Center on Deaf-Blindness

Specific trainings, resources and support to families, click here

Below is a description of events we offer and state deafblind projects available to parents and families.

There are several types of family events offered with NEC, to help keep you connected with other families and  help give deafblind specific information needed for your child.

Support for Parents and Families